• A delicious Flavour of individually wrapped bite-size chocolates
  • Made with Tricous silky smooth cocoa blends of milk and dark chocolate
  • An elegant chocolate gift that will be happily received and instantly enjoyed
  • Perfect for snacking, gifting and sharing with your loved ones

Box Weight: 400 gm
No.of pieces: 24 pieces


Sometimes when it comes to choosing between delightful chocolates, it’s impossible to decide which one’s more delicious. However, now you can enjoy the silky smooth and creamy Tricous Chocolate in a variety of flavours and fun sizes. This pack, Tricous choclates features your favourite chocolate flavour made from the finest quality ingredients for an exceptional silky smooth experience. Lovingly created to melt in your mouth, each Tricous chocolate is an experience worth savouring. Treat yourself to some for a sweet simple evening at home, to brighten a day at work or simply when you need to take a dessert Break on the go. The elegant pack contains individually wrapped pieces, which makes it a great gift for your loved ones. Why settle for the ordinary when you can gift the more pleasurable experience with Tricous?

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