The flavor compounds in dark chocolate are complex than red wine. Hence if you have a high quality chocolate bar in your hand you should know how to enjoy its taste. If you get it right it’s an experience in itself. For the people new to the chocolate world here are few tips:

  • Have your chocolate tasting/eating session in an environment free from distractions like music, TV or any other sounds. It is imperative that you let your mind concentrate on only one task and try to get the best of flavors by eating it slowly.
  • Make sure your palate is clean before you consume your chocolate. There should not be any residual flavors of previous meals on your palate. Best way is to have bread, a cracker or water for cleansing.
  • Take sufficient enough quantity at a time to get it right. 10 gms should be fine. Let it melt in your mouth because different notes of flavors come at different time while the chocolate melts in your mouth.
  • Never eat frozen or cold chocolate. Always let it rest and consume at room temperature.
  • Observe the appearance of the chocolate. It should have a sheen. The surface should be smooth and free from air bubbles. When you break it a crisp sound should come.These are signs of proper tempering and moulding of chocolate.
  • The aroma of the chocolate is important as well. Smell the chocolate before eating and let your tongue crave for it by the smell only.
  • We are tasting and not eating hence do not chew more than 3 times. Keep chewing optional and let the cocoa butter coat the mouth.