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About Tri Cous

TriCous Chocolates is a luxury chocolate brand in central India. It was a venture started by a passionate chocolatier couple Huzaifa katawla and Lulua katawala in 2012.

“We were extremely passionate about chocolate making and to our surprise, the market was just right for handmade chocolates in central India in 2012. That’s when we decided to start our very own home industry. Bootstrapping with the much-needed encouragement from family we invested in a small workshop. We named our creations TriCous and branded them. Three years down the lane, we felt dissatisfied as we couldn’t eat and make compound chocolate anymore. Our research for pure chocolate began which answered our dilemmas of the Indian handmade chocolate market and its obsession with compounds

In a year or two, we completed a few professional courses and our research. We are proud to say, TriCous now uses pure and couverture Belgium chocolate as raw material for all its creations.”

Currently, we have an all-woman workforce at TriCous. We want to empower them by giving a sustainable living of dignity and direction

TriCous has its very own one-of-a-kind Chocolate Academy in Nagpur to give aspiring chocolatiers from across India a national recognition to motivate them in making this profession a stand-out mainstream career.

About TriCous

Tri Cous upholds

purity and quality manufacturing of chocolate confectioneries

Lulua Katawala

About Lulua Katawala

She is a young, hardworking and a compassionate mompreneur

Lulua Katawala is rather a very talented person. Back in 2012, as a woman of twenty-two and an Industrial engineer she bagged selections in two MNCs in Nagpur. “In the 4th month of my job I decided to quit, to start something of my own. A purpose that would give me happiness where I could be my own Boss and create job opportunities.”

Her journey from crafting compound chocolates to becoming a professional chocolatier is inspiring and visionary.

Lulua believes that passion and hard work, however cliché it may sound, will bring you recognition in whatever field you plan to take forward. Very recently, her zeal brings her the Women in Business Award by Indo Global SME Chamber which makes the year 2019 truly remarkable for her.

Knowing what must be consumed and how it influences one’s choices in confectioneries perse is rather imperative. Chocolates enjoyed as an indulgence or a snack more specifically by acknowledging what goes into making it is precisely the awareness needed for all types of chocolate enthusiasts.”

About Huzaifa Katawala

Shared a common passion with his wife, Mr. Huzaifa Katawala believes that simple joys of life depend on the love we share with our closed ones. The joy of traveling together, childhood memories, favorite music or even season is something we cannot describe in words but experience it. Mr. Huzaifa has traveled a lot of countries and likes to blend that different culture and taste while making chocolates.

Mr. Huzaifa likes to fuse the chocolates with exotic combinations that is very appealing and enhance your taste buds. He supported his wife from crafting chocolates to becoming a professional chocolatier. With his wife’s vision and inspiration and his experience he tried experimenting on chocolates by providing flavors of different countries.

Huzaifa Katawala

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