Chocolate is one of the most universally loved things in the world. Whatever stage of your life you’re in, there’s nothing quite like chocolate. It can both energize you and help you relax, depending on the context.

Imagine being able to have your favorites as well as new and exciting chocolates delivered directly to your house every month…

Our Subscription boxes are a service that allows you to select something you’re fond of – chocolate – and have it delivered directly to your door on a monthly basis. Whether it is for you or a gift for your loved ones, You are bound to fall in love with the service because it can be exciting, unexpected and help you diversify what you like and what you don’t by trying new things and finding new favorites.

What’s Included:

Every box will contain either bars/truffles/bon-bons or an assortment of all.
The 1st box of the subscription is sent within 2 days of placing the order. The subsequent boxes are sent out in a 1st week of every month.

Chocolate Subscription Packages

12 Month

Chocolate Subscription

A full year of Chocolate, what could be better? This gift contains a taste of all our Tricous chocolate.

06 Month

Chocolate Subscription

Treat your loved ones to six months of Chocolate delights. This includes Dark Chocolate or milk chocolate Assortment.

03 Month

Chocolate Subscription

Spread the joy with three months of subscription of our Dark Chocolate Assortment and Milk Chocolate Box.

You can choose from:-

Dark Chocolate Box (Will Contain all the different chocolates prepared in 55%, 65%, 70% &/Or 80% dark Chocolate)

Milk Chocolate Box (Will Contain Chocolates prepared in 35%-45% milk Chocolate)

Assorted Chocolate Box ( Will Contain an assortment of Dark, Milk & White Chocolates)